April 03 2020 Friday at 06:16 PM

Knowing Is Growing

We at Deus Ex Machina have always emphasized the importance of learning and sharing knowledge and have fought against the idea of rejecting someone because they didn’t know something. It’s especially important for us to learn and share knowledge about motorcycles, since they’re a huge part of who we are. Saturday School provided us an excellent opportunity to share not only the knowledge that we possess at The Emporium but also the volumes of information stored in the brains of our community. Leading the charge was the skipper of Woolie’s Workshop, Michael Woolaway, who taught two courses on how to make parts by hand. He led both classes through the process of aluminum shaping and held a Q&A session fielding questions about student builds. Just outside Woolie’s Workshop was Ed Sorbo of Lindemann Engineering. Ed guided students on a colorful journey through the basics of suspension dynamics that most definitely left a lasting impression. Across from Ed were the boys from Motorbike Mondays and Racetech Electric who taught us about charging systems and provided a small how-to clinic on making valve adjustments. Next to them was Garrett Andrews from Motul who walked us through the slippery world of lubricants. Kennie Buchanan from Buchanan’s Spoke & Rim was on hand to talk wheel tech, and the ladies of Westside Motorcycle Academy were on hand to help with riding basics. Getting us educated in protective gear were Matt Laubenstine from Arai Helmets and Mike Ngo from Kushitani Leathers. We’d like to say thanks to everyone who participated at Saturday School. Hopefully you all learned something new. We know we did. We’d also like to extend a special thanks to the Hollow Legs and DJ Elevator Sex for providing us with a killer soundtrack and schooling us on the musicality tip.