April 03 2020 Friday at 06:30 PM

Kanpai! Deus does Japan… again.

The guys and girls who take care of Deus Ex Machina in Japan really know how to make a man feel special. What, with the dinners, parties and general kindness it’s hard not to forget that we go there to work. Japan man, it’s a hell of a place. But back to the point… “Work.”

It’s been a year since we first heard whispers of a Deus store in Tokyo and let me tell you, the guys haven’t been wasting their time. We spent our first day on the job site that will become Deus’s fifth official place of residence, later this year. We’re excited, to say the least. The retail store, in Harajuku, will be the Japanese equivalent of the Temple of Enthusiasm, complete with motorcycle workshop, art gallery, shaping bay and café. Woo!

The next night, I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night was premiered to a neck craning and enthusiastic audience at Port Of Call in Shibuya… Success. We could never have dreamt that it would be received so well.

Moving on, we ended up at the wild weekend that is the Greenroom Festival, where Woody Gooch was our star. Our booth was a sea container dedicated to his photography, it was like “Hey Japan, meet our new man.” And they did, over the weekend Woody had his picture taken with hundreds of humans, young and old alike. If the people’s reaction to Deus is anything to go by, our future in the country is looking very bright.