April 03 2020 Friday at 05:15 PM


Last week the revving engine of a Deus Custom SR 400 was heard in the land of the rising sun for the first time. Two of us made the journey from the Temple to Tokyo for what turned out to be an epic week of socializing, setting up shop and sashimi.

First on the detailed schedule (that only the Japanese could coordinate) was the pop up shop at Biotop. We turned a vacant area of their store into a miniature Temple of Enthusiasm, with our own art and photography on the walls. The shop was complete with bike, surfboards and the apparel that we all love to wear. Over a hundred and fifty people showed up for the reception, all were eager to see what it was that we’re all about. The night brought together a cool headed mixture of the most influential humans from the art, fashion, surfing and motorcycle scenes in Japan.

Next on the schedule was the Greenroom Festival in Yokohama, where it seemed Deus had made a large impression the year before. The new Deus SR (with surfboard in racks), built by our own Japanese builder Hiro was a major hit. Only Rob Machado was more popular. (We love Rob but Japan eats him alive.) Behind the bike, framed images from our most recent adventures were on display. It was an awesome hang - we joked, we danced, took photos, got photos taken and exposed thousands of enthusiastic Japanese to the Deus ideal.

After the wild weekend, the festival finished and we cruised down the coast. In Chiba we met up with logging sensai Yuta Sezutzu, before going to see our board-building buddies Tekuya and Tetsu. After checking out what Tekuya had been up to in the shaping bay we had our first surf since leaving Bali. The waves were small but they were perfect. In offshore winds, sunshine and wetsuits, we surfed all afternoon.

One session in the water was all it took to satisfy our need for salt water, there’d be plenty of time for surfing back home. Limited time was Tokyo time. We headed back to the city and met up with our friends at Ron Herman. We’d brought along something special for the store… their very own exclusive shapers T-shirt series. A series of T’s that remind us of great shapers who have mown foam at the Temple of Enthusiasm. Tyler, Thomas, Rich, Josh, Bob… A whole new scene experienced Deus at Ron Herman, and again word spread.

Deus’ first bike is on the streets of Tokyo. Our general reception as a brand in the land of the rising sun hints that the number of Deus wheels will be multiplying by twos rapidly in the future. I even heard whispers of Deus Tokyo. We’re thankful that a city and culture that helped to inspire the very foundations of our brand, is now being inspiring it. A huge thanks goes to the Masaki , Lloyd, ….Jack Of All Trades boss, Masaki and his hard working team >>> Lloyd, Shinji, Shin, Haruka, Kumi, Yuske, Yumi and Noriko. Kanpai!