April 03 2020 Friday at 04:00 PM

Just another day at the office

I was awoken at the eve of dawn this morning via a call from Salsa. He told me to load up my bike and meet him at the beach…a quick instant coffee and a fresh coconut broke my grogginess and 300 meters later I was by the water. Salsa had a diverse quiver loaded on his bike and by just looking at the smile on his face I knew it was going to be a whole day of ocean goodness. The trio of craft by a trio of shapers, and the lineup of the day was; a 1 + 2 Mini Hull by Chris Garrett, a Bob Simmons by Tyler Warren and a Hybrid Quad by Thomas Bexon. A morning, lunch and afternoon session at "The Gu" then proceeded to come about…the waves were average and the crowds came and went, but apart from breaks of nourishment and hydration, Salsa spent most of the daylight hours enjoying the offerings of our local beach break. All in all a pretty productive day….just another day at the office!