April 03 2020 Friday at 05:00 PM

A Bouquet of Foam

Shaping a surfboard is as much of an art form as painting a picture or writing a ballad. 2nd gen shaper and Deus family member, Joel Fitzgerald is one of those few but very talented shapers that turn foam into functional sculptures. On his last trip over at the Temple Joel took inspiration from his beautiful surroundings in Bali. He produced a limited edition series of boards that all have unique matching fabric board and fin inlays and a touch of volon on top. These flowers have blossomed just in time for spring so pop into the house of simple pleasures to secure one of these four stunners for your self. 5'9 Tomahawk - Twin Fin 5'11 Speed Monkey - Single Fin 6'0 Sea Gypsy -Single Fin 6'8 Wing Pin - Single Fin