April 03 2020 Friday at 04:15 PM

Japanese Lids

The wandering boys returned from their journey of mighty Orient last night, bringing with them a screed of stories and a bounty of classic moto swag.
It seems that amongst their travels they happened upon a market place, dedicated purely to the art of head protection. Stalls, shops and scalpers with nothing but helmets on offer. A couple of hours here 'n' there produced favorable results...ending with the pair returning to the Temple with a small but select cluster of retro style lids.
Think "Hurricane Bob Hannah" sans visor...Think Old Skool BMX...Classic lids for classy kids. The boys lugged 10 of em' across trains, planes and borders to bring them home...and now they are on display and up for grabs upon the showroom floor. Come down and try em on for size!