April 03 2020 Friday at 04:01 PM

Introducing The 'Tigers Milk'

Here in Indonesia, we don't really have the range of motorcycles on offer like most parts of the world. We have scooters, which dominate the market and provide an easy transport option. On the other end of the scale we have imported motorcycles, such as Ducatis and Harley Davidson's which are usually imported in by the owner and seldom have all the correct paperwork. Filling the gap are the small Japanese motorcycles such as the Suzuki Thunder 250, Yamaha Scorpio 225 and the Honda Tiger 200. The latter has spent some time in the Workshop and emerged with some quite admirable results.The Honda Tiger is a 200cc, 5 speed motorcycle with a pretty reliable and smooth engine sitting in a sturdy chassis. The only problem is the bike comes out of the Honda Factory looking pretty ugly. The whole bike is covered in spaceship-esqé plastic covers and faux chrome pieces...which do it no justice. That's where the workshop comes in….stripping the bike down until it was nothing but frame and brackets. Things were then ground, welded and molded to the chassis…binning any extraneous mounts and beefing up the ones that were needed. This specimen right here has been dubbed The 'Tigers Milk'.
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The Honda Tiger is such a popular bike on the streets of Bali, so we couldn't ignore the possibilities it held. But as with all custom motorcycles, when you start tinkering, things can go south and quickly. Its makeover, however, was successful…leaving us with quite a sleek lookin' result, ready to hit the streets. Now that the initial mind maps have been drawn with the Bengkel boys, they are rearing to get their hands on another to take it up a notch!
Here is a Spec List to give you a better idea of what this thing is sporting: Custom Paint Custom Front and Rear fenders Custom Blinkers Custom Tank Custom Deus Seat Custom Exhaust K&N Air filter Harley Davidson Front Light Ventura Handlebars BSA Grips Daytona Speedo Icon Rear Shocks Posh Rear Light This one just hit the polished concrete showroom floor and is going for around IDR70,000,000...so if your in the market for a new set of wheels or want to spruce up your own Tiger, cruise on down and take this beaut out for a spin!