April 03 2020 Friday at 06:30 PM


When we woke up on International Surf Day, we had no idea of the morning’s significance. It happens often when you travel throughout Indonesia… you either forget things because you’ve completely lost track of time or you just have no idea because you’ve been offline for so long.

Anyway, we eventually heard and the realization posed the questions of what surfing really meant to us and how we’d celebrate it. Obviously, a surf was in order, and surf we did, (the photos are there to prove it) but for us the importance of International Surf Day was not merely surfing. It was about everything that surfing has brought us… all of the thrills and spills that have shaped our lives, all of the people that have helped to create the lifestyle and ‘sport’ that we love so dearly.

There is a never-ending list of people to thank, but none do we owe so much to as Duke Kahanamoku. And that’s whom we found ourselves talking about on International Surfing Day, the man who brought surfing to the world. Respect to you Duke, and respect to every single person that makes up the world’s surfing population. We are a lucky people.

Yours truly,

The Deus Rat Pack.