April 03 2020 Friday at 07:00 PM


A year ago two stoke and four stroke believers alike gathered for the very first Sunday Slide, a sermon organized by none other that your neighborhood circle jerks, The Jerkyls. Time had come again to gather amongst nature to make some noise. The sun rose upon the Nepean Raceway revealing a thick blanket of fog and empty beer cans from the night before, “Someone get that fire going, I’m freezing me nuts off” said the voice coming the swag. Heads began to pop out of tents, you could hear the bacon crackling as disciples of the Slide wiped the sleep from their eyes. As the fog began to fade, the track got its first inspection “ A little wet, but she’ll be right”, it was time to get ready for a day of going left and left again. Priest A. Baker gathered the competitors at the foot of the small hill overlooking the oval track, explained the Dos and Don’ts & asked for everyone to take their lids off for the Jerkyl’s prayer. Our Father who art Mert Lawwill, Or Gene Romero be thy name, Thy Kingchrome come, Thy top-end rebuild done, On earth as it is in Heaven, Give us this day one lap ahead, And forgive our bad passes, As we forgive those who bad pass against us, And lead us not into temptation, Deliver us from moderns, For thine is the 2 stroke, The power-band and the oily, Dirt track for ever and ever Dick’Bugsy’man,” “Can I get a f#*k yeah!?” and of course he did. The crowd split and two and four stokes came alive! Thumping and Ring-a-ding-dings echoed loud and wide. The pace and energy never lost its momentum. Who knows if it was the fumes, but no one could stop smiling. Sunday Slide truly is a Sunday church, where young and old come to get baptized in dirt and oil. It doesn’t matter what you take out on the dirt as long as you get it dirty with a smile on your dial. This is visual representation of the second annual Sunday Slide.