April 02 2020 Thursday at 04:25 PM

Flagship - The Island of Future Past - Ibiza

THE ISLAND OF FUTURE PAST Deus Ex Machina Ibiza, Balearic Islands II In Benzin Veritas Carretera de San José, KM2, 07817, Ibiza Instagram: @deusisland Facebook: /deusibiza Tel: +34 871 907 640 Email: info@deusibiza.com Deus Shop Monday to Sunday: 10am – 10pm Email: headoffice@deusibiza.com Deus Café Tuesday to Sunday: 12:30am to 12am (Closed Mondays) Reservations: +34 871 907 640 Encompassed within a small piece of earth that emerges from the Mediterranean, a place famous for its energy and magnetic hedonism, the seventh refuge of the Deus Ex Machina family now resides. Welcome to Deus Ibiza; The Island of Future Past. Arms wide open to receive the nomadic tribes who have congregated in Ibiza since the ‘70s, leaving behind their daily obligations to indulge in the adventure of enjoyment. Deus Ibiza is a journey within a journey… On the road to San José - dubbed by locals ‘la ruta del Rock & Roll’ and on the way to or from the island's most heavenly beaches – there’s an industrial warehouse where you’ll discover a space that was designed from a communal vision. With large interior and exterior spaces, the Deus Café is open all day long offering a menu fueled by local produce and a bar catering to all tastes and desires. The retail zone – including a living room space with sofas - is where you’ll find all Deus Customs collections, alongside a selection of brands and accessories that fit the Deus culture, and, our huge outdoor terrace - the meeting spot – is where to plan the route of your next island ride out and relax (or sing-a-long) to live music and the occasional impromptu show. Next door is our garage - where the unexpected is to be expected; music, art, cinema, exhibitions and, of course, the Deus Ibiza workshop where in addition to dismantling and rebuilding machines, those in the ‘gang’ can ride in, show off and share their most precious toys. The intention of The Island of Future Past is to provoke casual encounters and spontaneous interactions to build lasting memories; something which Deus Ex Machina, and Ibiza, embrace. Enjoyment is a duty.