April 03 2020 Friday at 08:30 PM

Hysteria in Hesperia

Every motorcyclist out there has a crew, your buddy that you go to the Motocross track with or a weekend trip out to the desert. Because well, lets be honest, if you’re pal didn’t see the sweet butt whip over the 20ft double, did it really happen? Or maybe the over the handlebar excursion that you took after clipping your front brake on a tree branch down some tight single track. When you pop up after doing the flying W with a ripped jersey and bruised ego it is your buddies rolling on the trail floor laughing at you that makes it just that much better. Its the bench racing stories, trail mishaps and success that you share on the drive home from a weekend spent riding with your crew that makes it legendary.
That brings us to this crew, The Pack. A rag tag assemblage of A+ dudes that just love to ride their dirt bikes. You, us, them, we are all unified by the common passion of two wheels and a throttle. Off-road, Dualsport, Enduro and Adventure. This past weekend was done doing just that in the High Desert single track of Southern California. Hill Climbs, rocks, whoops, trees and never ending single track with a solid crew made for a day to remember. Enjoy some trailside photos courtesy of our friends at WLF Enduro.