April 03 2020 Friday at 04:15 PM

Hydrant on deck

‘Easy come, easy go’ was the song that set the sentiment for the whole night. People were drifting, a common case in the island of the gods...as they came, saw, ate and departed. Smiles on dials a-plenty. The Hydranthad the place pumping, jumping and casting cushions about after the stakes were set earlier by Andy on guitar and DJ 49% with his computer crammed full of bop-able bounty.Lead singer Marshello cut loose singing and dancing on tables in the court yard, much to the dismay of the roadie following him about, feeding and retracting his mic cable….his musical umbilical cord. The core crowd stayed, swayed and jumped for joy until they were close to collapsing. ‘Jalan Jalan’ was some sort of musical crazy glue bringing the crowd together because no one really wanted to….Leave that is. Not a sole wanted the weekend to end, least of all me, and the music gave no hint that it ever would. Everyone was bouncing and bopping as they navigated their way through Hydrants amazing 2nd set repertoire. Sweat with almost no regret. Thanks guys again for another virtuosos veranda experience. Can't wait for next week!