April 03 2020 Friday at 04:16 PM

Hot and Crowded at the Deus Gallery

Spontaneous and unprepared. Deliberated and relaxed. Observing and bemused. Hard to pick a pair of words to sum up the vibe of last Sundays opening of Ty Williams' art show ‘Hot and Crowded’ at the Deus Gallery.

What started life as a surf trip to Bali, his second. Along the way it transmuted. Coupled with chance encounters and conversations that's led to this amazing opportunity for both Ty and us.

Bare walls that need filling and here he was without even so much as a pencil to scribble. Ty arrived and compiled, from the ground up. He defined his own spiritual Bali encounter with what's comfortable for him. Art. Made on the spot, not a scrap bought in. The distillation of Ty's Bali holiday. A journal, although on Gulliver sized proportions. Inspiration for him is everywhere. Whether it's chance chatter overheard at Canggu or a Charles Bukowski book left on the villa shelf. Music from other peoples sources, last years Aussie fashion mags or bikers roaring around the jungle. He'd prick up his ears before being able to pick up the pallet. A word or phrase is all it took to kickstart each pieces journey. Some light and transient whiles others turned out a little more dark and confrontational.

If you are in Bali take your time and come over and see the show.