April 03 2020 Friday at 04:31 PM

High & Low Exhibit

Here at Deus, when we hear the name, Frazer Anderson, we think of a fun loving', humble cat, who sometimes DJ's on our veranda on Friday afternoons. However his past reveals him to be quite the artist. The once Art Director of Insight Clothing has been working hard on a new collection of abstract, thought provoking pieces.
Fraser's recent work investigates the collaboration between artist and material, allowing each non-traditional medium and their own inherent qualities to challenge the artists control of the work and it’s subsequent composition. Fraser will be exhibiting a series of abstract paintings made from silly string and stitched together popped balloons as well as sculpture and installation pieces.
His latest exhibit will take place in The Deus Gallery, starting November 4th and running until mid December. The pieces are as interesting as it gets, so lock the kids at home, don gallery suitable attire and see for yourself.