April 03 2020 Friday at 08:45 PM

Sharpen the Arrows – Harrison’s DIY Quiver: Part 3/4

Satu, dua, tiga... the third board Harrison shaped for his rather eclectic 2018 quiver, would have to be wildest. Its length is 7’1” and when we asked him the width, all was got was a rather blank look and a “very narrow” in reply. So, a very narrow 7’1” single-fin was carved out of a blank of foam in the foam dust of the Temple of Enthusiasm’s shaping bay. We immediately thought Gerry Lopez, glassy surf, and huge tubes, who wouldn’t? When we broached this outsider's visual assessment with Harrison, he agreed, it was obvious where the inspiration had come from. Mind you, at the same time a few of us were skeptical, of just how narrow he’d gone. Nevertheless, he was adamant that the Lopez boards he’d ‘fondled’ in Joel Tudor’s Hawaiian garage were just as narrow. He reckoned “most of the remakes we see today are made for guys who are never going to surf them in serious waves... which is why they bloat them out with extra width.” Once again, we let him do his thing and sat back to watch what would happen when the board hit the water. And once again, he proved his theory by riding the board. It worked. It worked great. At some point, we began to wonder whether or not it was just his surfing that made the boards work. Everyone always said he could ride a door, and we’ve seen him on pieces of timber. But when Matt Cuddihy and Deni Firdaus got on the board and gave it a few test runs and their feedback was great we had to stand corrected. Although, now we’re also wondering whether Matt and Deni could ride doors too. Unfortunately for Harrison, the very narrow 7’1” single-fin was never truly put to the test in the conditions he made it for. There were no huge tubes during that stint of his in the islands. Not to worry though, with its heavy glass job, the board will still be around when the tubes and Harrisons paths cross up here again. Images by Giang Gaw, Damea Dorsey & Andre Cricket