April 03 2020 Friday at 04:31 PM

Good Times come with Motorcycles

One of the best things about owning and riding a motorcycle is the undeniable connection you have with your machine and what your doing with it. You can see the shocks absorbing every bump and the ground moving swiftly beneath your feet. You aim where you want to go and pull your right hand back, pushing yourself until the sensible part of your brain kicks in. All of these things, when working in tune with each other, equal one of the most fun experiences you can have without breaking the law.After watching 'On Any Sunday' last night at the Temple of Enthusiasm, I couldn't sleep. I was stuck, head on pillow, thinking about just getting out there and having fun on my two wheeled adventure vessel. I thought about deserts, forests, beaches and snow. I pondered hill climbs in my mind and skids in my thoughts. I remembered times and places where my bike provided me with so much joy that a smile crept over my sleepy face. Enough was enough, if I was awake I might as well be productive. I connected to the interwebs and started scouring for images of people and their machines of the two wheeled persuasion. I searched and searched and then searched some more, collecting freeze frames of moments in people's lives that they will remember forever. Here are the fruits of my midnight labor. Enjoy!