April 03 2020 Friday at 08:45 PM

Going out with a bang

I like things to go out with a bang, but in a good way. The Pacific recently gave So Cal that good send off with a long duration of a farewell summer swell. Providing a 2-3 occ.4 break every week to allow us to catch up on the responsibilities we avoided when the waves were overhead. Yet then again, on those days we were still surfing due to the record breaking water temps.  Making opportunities to travel north or south even more inviting. Allowing the traffic of L.A. to be more bearable to surf 70 degree water Malibu. Even causing the walk from the parking lot to lowers to be less painful. And even make taking sets on the head at wedge more soothing. And now the Pacific has gone quite. Not prompting a “goodbye”, but an “I’ll see you soon” flat period. Text by Max Seiersen Images by Monti Smith, Kailey Skelton, Dane Peterson