April 03 2020 Friday at 04:00 PM

Glass Man Victor

In a previous post we gave you a look into the bengkel and showed you the team responsible for fabricating, designing and building our custom motorcycles…you have also seen quite a bit of the surfboard shaping bay…So I think its only fair that everybody out there in the bloggisphere gets a little insight into the glass and sanding section of our surfboard manufacturing process and one of the main men behind the masks…otherwise known as the 'Resin Pit' and Victor.
Victor is 27, he came to Bali from Java when he was 18 years old and has been in the surfboard making business from the day he arrived. After a brief stint finishing off foam-core beginner boards, he moved into a factory and quickly became one of it's working cogs. Although he had stepped up from the foam-board game into glassing and sanding, he wasn't satisfied. A never ending stream of white, 6'2, pop out thrusters needing simple clear glass and sand jobs took its toll and next thing you know he was out the door and under our roof.Although Victor had never worked with resin pigments and tint’s, he picked it up fast and was soon experimenting with different colors and techniques that were available to him. That's when master glasser Jake Bowery paid the Temple a visit and very generously passed on everything he knew about the glass and sanding process as a whole to Victor…from cutting the fiberglass to the more effect use of catalyst.Since Jake and Victor spent their time together, the boards coming out of the resign pit have been a few notches above their predecessors…Victors definitely working on his own style and it shows! Here is a selection of some behind the scenes process, and finished product shots. Enjoy!