April 03 2020 Friday at 05:30 PM

Get your Yaya’s out and come to Lala Land.

This Friday just past, Deus Gallery were as proud as punch to present the first solo exhibit of the New Zealand native and long time Sydney resident, Stewart Smythe, with his show “The Electric Lala Land Art Exhibition.”

His art is word or phrase centric, and very graphical by nature. Its fun and irreverent, vibrant, yet not you're your eye colorful and above everything else. Very eye-catching It is always a joy to experience an exhibition of such high caliber and consistency.

Just a day prior, while setting up the show, Stewart had his birthday, he was also a tad coy on his exact age, so of course working the night before gave him no free time. Best to tie the two events together and combined it with the show. That meant we saw a ton of his buddies rock up, join in with the art aficionado’s and Deus family and friends as we all got to the serious business of celebrating both these mile stones with him.

Four of Stewart’s friends were on hand to add a musical dimension to the evening. The Impromptu electronic jazz quartet played on the back verandah while people wondered around the Gallery. It was bloody impressive and fitted the evening like a glove. The idea was that they remain shrouded, just shadows, and not override Stewart’s night.

We started things at around 7pm lubricated by some free flow apple cider, courtesy of Albens Cider who sponsored the event. The chinking of glasses, the laughter of the guests, and the energy of the art made for a fun evening that went late into the night and ended with some pretty unforgiving hangovers next day.

Good news for people that didn’t make the opening night is that not everything sold so if your in Bali, come down to Deus Temple of Enthusiasm in Canggu during the next few weeks while the show is open to get your own chance to see what all the fuss is about! You never know your luck, you might leave the proud owner of a piece.