April 03 2020 Friday at 07:31 PM


A spectacular ensemble of some the most iconic characters and cars from today's custom car scene from Southern California roared onto the premises of the Emporium Of Postmodern Activities last Thursday to celebrate the launch of Gestalten's new book The Drive, as well as Surf Odyssey. In addition, motorcycle builders from Gestalten's The Ride book, such as Shinya Kimura, brought their handiwork as well, turning the event into a multifarious extravaganza of combustible awesomeness. Traces of the stuff run thru the veins of Deus Ex Machina's bloodstream, evident by the tingles, euphoria and pupil dilation when we get near one of these beasts. Gestalten's Julia Eckhardt and Maximilian Funk, the editor of the book were over from the publishing house's headquarters in Germany to greet the builders and as well as Jared Zaugg, a stateside editor for other Gestalten titles such as Gentlemen, Start Your Engines. The legendary Albert De Alba and Alber Jr and family rolled over from Pomona in two spectacular lowriders that ended up taking a little hop in the parking lot... about as Southern California as it gets and it was awesome! Rod Emory's brought a few of his Outlaw Porsche 356, each with a unique beauty that never get old. The Stanceworks guys, Mike Burroughs and Andrew Ritter brought up the infamous Rusty Slammington, once a lowly BMW 5 series and in its latest version been fully race-car'd out and louder and meaner than ever. Brian Bent the iconic San Clemente surfer, hot rodder, and one of the nicest guys around brought up his homebuilt Speedster in true 50's style. Johnathan Ward of Icon 4x4 brought out a trick Bronco as well as his Derelict daily driver, a ratty Desoto wagon with exquisite modern advancements hidden underneath the unassuming shell. Thats just a few to give you the idea. Needless to say, the book has been well received and the special edition available at the Venice Emporium comes in a slip case and a bandana sporting some art by Deus's own Carby Tuckwell.