April 03 2020 Friday at 03:46 PM

Gemina Lineup

As I walked to the office this morning, coffee in hand, I passed the photography studio and noticed a rather colorful array of boards lined up, leaning on the curved white wall towards the back. I finished up my remaining caffeine hit, photographed the quartet of "Geminas" and then cruised over to the shaping bay where Mr Chris Garrett was, to gather a little more info on them. When asked for a lowdown on the rainbow spread he told me… "The Gemina is a full on twinny inspired by the original designs ridden by Martin Potter in the early eighties, just tweaked to give the performance that is needed for modern carving. An easy entry rocker, a flat deck with down foiled rails and some impressive concave work makes this a handful of speed and maneuverability that just begs for more. Hand foiled glassed in twin fins with a smaller trailer fin keeps you moving in the right direction and the stoke meter in the red zone….noice!!!" The first finished board went to Mr, Tai Buddha Graham as a prize for taking first place in the 'Slidetober' surf contest. It is rumored that he is currently using it, throwing buckets whilst doing cutbacks on the east coast of Australia. Good friend Peter Jones also took delivery of a Gemina not too long ago, and it seems to be doing nothing but good things for him down at Canggu rights. These four are available on the floor as of this morning…we have a 5'8, 5'10, 6'0 and a 6'2 ready to go to a new home, get waxed up and get wet!