April 03 2020 Friday at 05:30 PM

Fun Fuelled, 100% high octane horseplay – Deus Slidetober Fest Moto-X

The Deus Slidetober Fest 2013 recently slipped in, wrought havoc for a few days and left. It’s effects much like a force of nature. Many casualties in more ways, shapes and forms. Only now are people tentatively peering out from where they sought refuge. Others bounced straight back onto planes and outer here. Home to lick wounds and in one case get a MRI & X-rays. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

It was a double-barrelled affair this year. Moto-x on the Saturday and Surf Sunday. Of course nights were at the Deus Temple where beer mixed with bragspreading smiles across everyone’s dials. But first lets talk bikes.

We’d uncovered a magic little spot on the coast some thirty minutes away where we could fang about on dirt bikes. A moto-x track built by Balinese for such passions. So we decided we would. In the week leading up we started to tinker with some secondary street rides. Adding the odd 21 inch wheel here and some beefed up suspension there. Knobbly tires arrived en masse.

Saturday soon appeared and early but not bright, a rag tag group of bike riders covering competitors and spectators headed out, convoy style, from the Deus Temple in Canggu to Kedungal, our dirt covered destination.

We’d been out the night before and set it up real nice. Banners waved in the breeze. We had large tents filled with seating and another with the Deus Bar and grill. A couple of smaller ones loitered down near the starting line giving shelter to the Bengkel (Garage) boys and the starting crew. Yamaha was our sponsor for the day and had bought along some really cool and fun 50cc peewee’s to thrash about on.

Petrol fumes and the deafening noise of short exhausts pervaded the morning as we got the first few heats underway. It was another first for us, and we had absolutely no idea what to expect. We drew the leader board up as more and more people arrived. No one was left out. In fact we had an impressive cross section of riders from around the world. The Bali crew were joined by those from Australia, America, Italy, Portugal, France, England, New Zealand and even a crew from Vietnam who had T’s printed just for the occasion.

Mid morning and the Bali Yamaha Vixon club arrived surrounded in their own cloud of dust. Dressed in leathers and colours they pulled in to see what all the fuss was about.

Second chance heats were run and the winners moved into the semi’s. The morning matured and grew past noon as a field of over fifty was whittled down to just eighteen. We split them in two. Nine in each. That’s when things got serious.

The first semi final start took peoples breath away. The intensity had gone up quite a few notches. These were the ones that wanted to win. Really wanted to win. After literally blasting off from the starting line they shot down thestraight and into the first bends. Four laps each of five hundred metres. Two kilometres to sort the field out and with the flutter of the checker flag the top four moved on into the final.

You could say that in comparison, the second semi stuttered to a start. 3 consecutive ones. A couple of riders way too quick off the mark making us haul them all back to do it once again. Finally something gave and in one foul swoop on the first hairpin bend, Ben and Benjamin went down. We had an ambulance on hand, which we didn’t really want to use. Red flags went up and the paramedics went out. A few concerned nail biting moments passed before the two riders and their bikes we’re eased from the track. Both under their own steam and an accompanying sigh of relief.

The race was restarted and run and four more went through to a final.

Eight riders and eight laps. Four kilometres to crown a winner for the day.

First across the line was a rider with a lot of local knowledge. Sengkok. Nathan Barker used the same said know how to secure second. Filippo Bassoli from Deus Milan, jet lagged but having an absolute ball pulled into third and a very respectable fourth was taken out by David Schaap. Deus Indonesia’s videographer. Hhmmm, thinking about that now… we may not have film of that. (Just kidding)

It was all a bit made up, though we knew what to do. Belly laughs and hoarse voices the most prevalent wounds of the day. The thrill of firing up your bike, the adrenaline of the race, and the exhilaration of a win make all of it worth it in a minute flat.

Sure there’s a whole track load of dirt, grime, pain, mud, fumes, noise, and hard work & determination. And even though it got to be about as hot as Hades in the mid day sun it seemed that every single person had a top day trackside. 100% is a good statistic to have.

The sun began sinking as a few sensible folk, who had packed swim wear, made for the beach to wash the extra layer that accumulated in all the nooks and crannies but most finished off washing it away with some beers and controlled antics on the pee wee bikes.

The only really problem with a day like this, and it’s a good problem to have, is now we have to wait a full twelve months for next years ride to come on around.

Words by Ano Mac, Photography by Anthony Dodds and Husni Ridhwan