April 03 2020 Friday at 04:16 PM

Fisher and the Boat

Deus Grom, Fixie fixture and little ripper Fisher 'Fish' Louis just got back from an 11 day surf adventure around the Mentawi islands in Indonesia. This is his story in all its glory. "What kid wouldn't be amped to cruise around the Mentawis looking for waves? plus onto of that i got to take 5 days of school, which is just a blessing in my books. Me, my mom, some photographers and other surfers booked the largest sail boat in the Mentawis, 'The Bintang,' 120 foot of pure sea fairing fun. We boarded at around 7:00pm, ate dinner and chatted a bit before heading to our bunks. The sun woke us up at around 6:00am the next day, we were at 'Icelands' the waves were about 5foot so i was psyched to get out, by the time i was ready it had got really fat so i decided to take a nap and conserve my energy for the next location. I woke up and found my self at 'Telescopes'. A couple of Pro Juniors from the ZAF were on our boat went out tanned killed it, I joined them after a few cannon balls off the boat deck. The waves were about 2 foot but super fun, great line to practice some backside snaps and roundhouses. We spent most of the third day cruising but ended up at 'Bintangs' late in the afternoon. We took the speedboat to a couple of beach breaks nearby which provided us with a few sets before the sun sank below the horizon. That night we spotted a 2 person boat that had hit the reef and was taking on water, so we picked up the more than thankful occupants and gave them a room for the night. We spent the next day helping the couple try and get their boat seaworthy, but it was no use it had taken on too much water. Surf was flat so we didn't mind. They ended up staying on our boat for the rest of the trip. The next couple of days were flat as a salt lake so we motored around hoping to find somewhere that was working. Day 6 started off slow, we surfed 'thunders left' which was hitting 3 foot in the morning, but the wind changed in the afternoon and it started to barrel. Happy with our afternoon barrel session we cruised to Raggs overnight, hoping for the same if not better. We woke up to the sound of crashing waves and boy were we happy to see the right just going off. Perfect 9 to 10 second barrels, our reward for 3 days of nothing. Over the next few days we hit up "Greenbush," Macaronis," and "Lances." All super fun, except i got smashed in a barrel at Macaronis and snapped my board in half, which wasn't so fun. We motored around the islands trying out 'Rifles' and 'burger world' each giving us a little taste of happiness. After the 11days were up i was spent, my muscles ached and i was minus one of my boards, but you know what? i wouldn't have it any other way! Peace out. Fish.