April 03 2020 Friday at 04:01 PM

Fathom Five Fun: Part two of the Deus Bio-Rock

Move over Barnacle Bill, slide to the side Davy Jones. There’s a new kid at the full fathom five level. Scuba diver’s submerged their take on a Bio-Rock®, a café racer inspired diorama, down amongst the fishies in the crystal clear waters of Gili Trawangan. For those of you scratching your heads and asking what the hell we are on about, check out Part One for some background info. A posse of four set sail from Bali to Gili Trawangan. A two hour tour. Enthusiasm in spades, we arrived, ate, drank and quickly set about the task at hand. To make meaning of this pile of rusted metal, an oversize jigsaw puzzle. Lugging, bolting, spanner and wrench. Nuts, bolts, twisting, bending and coaxing into place. Sweat dried before it left the brow. Harsh work on the harsh white sand. Local spectators came to see what these mad men were up to. Afternoon had drifted to twilight as we tightened the last lug. Bintang time. Once upon a time there was a motorbike on Gili T. For a day… Morning was spent testing equipment. The line in the sand, enjoy the pun, was to be 2pm....After lunch and as the heat of the day was waning. Too much free time til then. At 1:30pm we were busy fretting at the thought of the four of us manhandling it alone. We hadn't a hope in Hades in getting this bad boy into the water. Three hundred odd kilos of recycled steel and bike parts spread over a six metre by two and a half metre wavy frame. Fifty metres lay to where the water lapped at the shore. Another fifty out into the sea and six down to its final resting place. Then, as if at the click of some unseen fingers, divers began to appear. What a strange sight, imagine fully laden, rubber covered scuba divers walking along the sand amongst the sunbathers. Seems it isn't out of the norm on Gili T. They arrived and took up position around the frame. Greetings were given, explanations exchanged, the final position clarified and working as if a single entity this flash group of people in neoprene hoisted the metal malformation and marched as one toward the water. And on, in, and under. The weight dissolved as we entered the water and the feeling of trudging along the seabed, was strangely unnerving and exhilarating all at the same time. The currents tugged us sideways and one really had to put their back into it. Ten minutes of propping, stopping, jimmying and shimmying ensued until the frame was not only on the sea bed but, as stable as a rock. It takes quite a few people to pull a Bio-Rock® project together and Deus would like to acknowledge their partners. Gili Eco Trust, The Marine Foundation, BlueWater Express, Nemo Wetsuits, Café Gili & Villa Ottalia and Gili Divers. Thanks to everyone for their help, generosity and hospitality.