April 03 2020 Friday at 02:02 PM


Amber filled the sky, and dust filled the air. When they clashed, a feeling long forgotten was captured, a yearning for freedom finally sated – for a while. A machine with the purpose of giving us the liberty to dream, to run fast & free, was the horse that carried us home.

When we got our hands on the beauty that is the belly tank Lakester, it was only a matter of time until we stretched its wings and held on tight while it soared. 

A great machine however, rarely goes unnoticed. With the help of Riley Harper, Jeff Zwart, Dimitri Coste and the Californian desert, we sat an eager pilot into the belly of the beast, and set the scene to celebrate the spirit of freedom. 

A spark, a sun kissed chassis, a roaring engine and a trail of dust. With that, we rode against the current, stealing a fleeting glance at what we came to see. 


There’s a certain electricity that surrounds someone managing to live life to the fullest, a confidence that shows no doubt and always looks for the next moment. Much like his turbo-charged Porsche 911 GT3, Jeff Zwart has charged through life, spitting flames in his trail. He learned to drive in his father’s 901, graduated from Art Centre College of Design, photographed most major motorsport events,and won the Pike’s Peak climb 8 times; being 1 of 12 people in 99 years to finish in under 10 minutes. Restless, the Pike’s Peak legend continues blazing his trail.   


“Four wheels move the body; two wheels move the soul.”

Dimitri Coste, pours his soul into the things he loves; photography, motorcycles and his two children.

Capturing people with genuine stories, bikes built to roar and tear up the dirt, and surrounding himself with Americana are what brings him joy. Coupling this with mounting a vintage motorcycle is what makes him feel alive. The flying dust, roaring engines, a rock, a hard place, and the perfect snapshot. With this energy, Dimitri captures the world around him with his personal spark.


Personifying the Californian lifestyle, second generation stuntman Riley Harper mounts life, holds tight onto the handles and cracks opens the throttle.

Like crashing waves of a foaming surf, or the freedom of his hand built Triumph, Riley lives through the soul of adventure. Learning to ride through Motocross at 4 and racing half a year later, he has been surrounded by the lifestyle for as long as he remembers.

It comes as no surprise that he lives and works for love, and not fame, and gets restless when not living through his passions or sharing with his friends.


World War II was finally at an end, the boys were home. With no war to fight the world was at rest, but what was there to do with the leftover hardware?  Enter, the P-51 Mustang portable fuel tank, some old fashioned American elbow grease, and the genius Bill Burke.

The fuel tank became the body of the belly tank racer, all that was needed was a Model-T frame, wheels, and a flat-head ford engine. A gift from the sky and built in a backyard, this piece of hot rod ingenuity rocketed over 200mph and still does today.   


Bill Burke began to make a name for himself in the land-speed racing scene before shipping off with the military to fight in the Second World War. While the war certainly took Burke away from his beloved hot rods, the equipment he was working with while stationed in the South Pacific ultimately piqued his interest, giving him ideas about aerodynamics, speed and the sustainability of land-speed cars. Burke was particularly interested in the belly tanks from fighter planes.