April 03 2020 Friday at 09:15 PM

Dino Tune Drop Out

A film by Laurent Nivalle Old passions are the strongest… Around Santa Barbara in the 60s, Richard Vincent stockpiles the motorcycle races. He runs, he wins, on his fearsome Velocette, developed by himself. But sometimes, life goes sideways. It hurts the most vigorous and delicate passions, the taste of sport, the desire to live. We hang up the gloves, the helmet, it seems that time will bury everything. Yet, there are rebounds and rebirths. Richard, Frank and Zoé. They’re in Val-de-Loire, he’s in California, they’re young, he’s 70. They met at the Wheels and Waves, a resurgence point where the custom spirit bubbles, open helmets and old leather. In their French workshop, Frank and Zoé made restoration a kind of art, radical and moderate. There, the mechanics revive without losing what is priceless: the patina, the marks of age. Under their fingers, Richard’s old Velocette, rusty, dusty, becalmed for decades, recovers its raison d’être. She rediscovers the pleasure of living and roaring, she gives again the pleasure of running. This film tells of a meeting. The rebirth of a motorcycle is only the pretext. How the old metal transmits electricity of passion from one generation to another. Action!