April 03 2020 Friday at 03:15 PM

Drag Races, Barefoot Riding and a Fire

The second annual 'Dress up drags' went down in a spectacular fashion yesterday afternoon. Friends and family gathered at the temple as the afternoon rolled in…each sportin' their unique flamboyant getup and making bold claims as to vehicular performance. It was a trifecta celebration of birthdays…and a great way to gather the masses and have fun on Dave's, Andrew's and Monty's big day.
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An eclectic convoy cobbled itself together and was soon drawing the attention of the locals as we ambled to our race locale. An unused construction site was our destination, 300meters of muddy, mossy limestone for us to destroy some clutches and lay down some friendly rivalry on….perfect.
After some practice runs, it was soon evident that any sort of 'class based race system' was out the window….resulting in an all out free for all. Groms vs Grampas, Vintage against spanking new and everything in-between. Out of the extended line up we had a couple mongrels break through and show a slice of pedigree…like Natas' Tigers milk, which ran more races than most…and 'The Stang' a souped up CB100 scrambler, giving the 200's a run for their money. The overall shiner from the afternoon was DHump's SR400, spinning through first and second off the line…but eventually reeling in its rivals in the last moments of the dash. Halfway through the festivities most were surprised when a bikini clad, bare foot, Farah Fawcett look-a-like emerged from the jungle and proceeded to commandeer Julian's Yamaha RX King 2 stroke…we all thought it was a bit of a joke until she kick started the thing with her bare feet and took off leaving nothing but a 6 foot mud roost…turns out she races motocross. Steve 'Bali Stig' Montell took the wheelie comp by storm, riding 'Blazing Saddle' all the way past its fulcrum and then some. But the star of the whole event was Maxie and his aptly named bike 'The Birthday Candle'…taking one last run, he wiped out in some moss and struggled to erect his fallen steed, as he went to get help, a fire started, reaching blaze status in minutes. Beer left overs and mud were thrown in vain towards the inferno but it all ended with a crowd watching light fade with the flames. Everyone headed back to the Temple to enjoy the sounds of 'Jenny', consuming vast amounts of elixir and staying in fancy dress until it was way past bed time. I'll leave you with a quote from the Bali Stig - "This wasn't an On Any Sunday set up….this was a real fucking Sunday, and a real fucking fire!" All in all it was an amazing day, filled with friends, loved ones and a smidgen of reckless driving. Cant wait till next year!