April 03 2020 Friday at 06:31 PM

Dorsey's Barber Shop at Deus

Damea Dorsey started life as a surfer. Born and bred in San Diego he followed the well worn path from the NSSAs to professional surfing and on to a string of industry jobs. Then things got interesting. A married father of two with a house and a mortgage Damea decided it was time to play the game on his own terms and tossed his job away on a whim. He wanted to shoot photos, and work as a hair stylist. A decade later, as one of the most respected lensman in surfing and the proud new owner of Dorsey’s Barber Shop at Deus, the mission is more or less accomplished.

As unlikely as the twin careers might seem, the flexibility of cutting hair allowed for maximum time in the ocean to hone his photography, and travelling with some of the biggest names in surfing opened doors around the world. After his leaving his now ex-wife with the salon they established in Carlsbad, Damea worked as senior photographer at Transworld Surf and kept on racking up the flyer miles. Alongside the usual suspects of Hawaii, Mexico and Australia, Damea felt a particular affinity with Indonesia and hatched a plan to relocate. The growing ex-pat community and body of passing travellers in Bali were in need of a good English speaking barber, and Damea approached his close friend Dustin Humphrey, from Deus Ex Machina, with a proposal for a vintage rock and roll barbershop that specialises in men’s hair cuts, straight razor hot towel shaves and beard trimming.

Deus loved the idea, and a barber’s pole was bought. Now, after just a few months of business, Dorsey’s Barber Shop sees a regular stream of customers who enjoy the shop’s classic atmosphere, the barber’s banter, and a cold beer and guitar solo with their short back and sides.

Text: Chris Binns Images: Joel Pratley & Keli