April 03 2020 Friday at 05:30 PM

Doodling with metal, motors and whether you make the tail end a floater.

We normally finish the Bali side of Deus events with a big bash called Slidetober. It’s our last hoorah each year to blow off steam with family and friends. It comes at the end of what’s usually a long peak season. This year, HQ had different ideas. They had one last event they wanted us to hold and when weheard about it we got so excited that we couldn’t wait to do it either.

The Deus Boundless Enthusiasm Bike Buildoff was a little event HQ had held in 2010 just in Camperdown Sydney. With new Deus hideouts now in Bali, Venice BeachCalifornia and Milano Italy they expanded on the idea to get 4 regions working on it. Simultaneously!

The underling premise of the event is to do more with less. More creativity, more ingenuity and more sweat and tears poured into a modified bike build while using a lot less money. First time we read this we could hardly contain ourselves. It’s almost like the event has been tailored specifically to our region. Indonesian bike builders have been doing this their entire lives. They don’t have dough to throw around. They take hammer to sheet metal and literally bash their bikes out.

So we got on the dog and bone and started ringing around. We rang bike builders in Jakarta, Malang, Yogyakarta and of course Bali where we are based. We started asking around who would be interested in cobbling together bikes to take part and ended up with an amazing turnout from over twenty builders. Some they were already building, some were already built and a few started to plan what they could build in time for our event.

The three other regions planned their event for the 26th October, a Saturday. The day off in Indonesia is Sunday so we made ours the day after, the 27th. It would also mean rather than second, Bali would be the last of the four to go off. HQ in Sydney started things, they’re close to the date line. Milano went next. The sun would then pass on to California where they added to the show and with the days clicking over by one Bali Indonesia would put the exclamation mark at the end of it.

We had absolutely no idea what people would bring we just knew that it would be great. And around seven in the morning this greatness started to arrive. From 70 to 750cc. Take a a look at the piccies because most of these magnificent machines simply defied a paltry three to ten word description. It was indeed a wide and varied field.

We scrutineered each bike before letting it into the backyard. They had to run, the engine and they had to be able to run under their own steam. A quick rip up the street and back sorted that part out. Not one failed. We rolled em out back and photographed them before setting them out on the grass for our judges to have a closer gander.. The day was hot and people settled into the shaded areas. Looking out over the strange steel sculptures that gleaned in the bright light. Taking their time, the judges made their way around talking to each of the builders in turn and looking at the varying levels of details.

Of course all had customised tanks. But when one dug deeper, one came across the real splashes of ingenuity. This one’s front suspension came from a BMX. That one had cut up a beer keg to fashion both tank and sprung seat from the stainless steel hand beaten sheet. Hand turned parts abounded. Everything round on that one was mounted on a piston of some shape and size. Complete frames had been fabricated in a couple of cases; one housing an old JAP engine had used old plumbing tubing. It had so much patina across it that it had to be the most photographed on theday. There was no one preference for seating arrangement for they came cantilevered and fully supported. Amazing Paint and engrave work. Gold leaf frills here and there. Drag car style painted sidewalls and plenty of peoples spit and polished rubber and steel.

Not only did the judges have their work cut out for them to choose one, two andthree, they had to choose two more. For five of these machines would be going in with five from each of the other regions. A website is being built around this group of twenty and in around a week or so you’ll be able to vote online for the overall winner. The Worldwide People’s Choice Award. Keep an eye out on our FaceBook and Instagram feeds for that one.

We couldn’t have pulled it off on our own. Yamaha Indonesia sponsored us and came down on the day, pitched a little tent out front and showed people their new offerings for both Vixen and Byson. Bintang fully lubricated the event. Damn it was hot, so they were a much-needed relief and of course our great mate Nicko Eigert from Smoked Motorcycles over in Kerobokan. Nicko was there helping from inception, to before, onto during and well after helping our own Bengkel boys with the nitty gritty of organizing and running such a soiree.

Most of all we have to thank the builders themselves. The collective made it a most fabulous day. You are all incredible people and we love your Bountiful Enthusiastic bikes.

For more information see bikebuildoff.com, or to vote for your favourite build head over to http://deuscustoms.com/bikebuildoff/vote/.