April 03 2020 Friday at 02:31 PM

Dirt Road Diary -Final Blog Entry #4

Our travels were slowly starting to get to us, sore muscles and sunburn were common topics of conversation at the breakfast table. We managed to fight the urge and didn't hit the road at first light, but instead relaxed in the village until about lunch time. Once everyone was back around the table, a quick look up at the tree-tops showed that the wind was pretty much the same as when we first arrived, southerly and strong. After some debating and some calls around the island, it was decided that the best bet was to take a trip back to the little bay we had found previously.
We retraced our dusty tire tracks back along the ridge, still taken back by the scenery that encompassed us. As we hit the sandy road leading to the shore, we passed the local man we encountered the last time we were there going the other way…Without any words spoken he was off to the nearest village to gather the supplies he thought we needed.
The waves weren't big, but there was enough swell in the water to have fun. The trio sat in the shade and watched the water until the local man returned. A batch of chocolate and caffeine was purchased and next thing you knew they were hopping across the shallow reef rearing to get wet. I had a little sense of Deja vu through out the day…Its almost like nothing had changed since our prior visit…Same waves, same heat, same shade and same strange chocolates. Was the bay always like this? Were we stuck in some repeat slice of paradise? These things kept running through my head… Then I realized I had been sat atop one of the surrounding headlands for over an hour and the sun was probably starting to get to me.The boys stayed out for a good few hours, while those left on the beach watched on from the shade of our bamboo shanty shack. The hours passed and the only real indicator that it was almost time to leave came from our little vendor man running out of supplies. The crew were reluctantly called in and we packed up our steeds and hit the trail. Somehow we ended up on a different route to the one we had followed before. This one seemed even more scenic than the one that led us here, hard to believe, but it was something about the evening light… It was a perfect shade of yellowy orange and the way the hilltops cast monumental shadows across the landscape was rather breathtaking. After a steep little climb there was Suddenly no more trail, just a grassy plateau that dropped straight down into the ocean. We had arrived at the perfect time… The sun was heading towards the ocean, deepening in color by the second. We sat around and talked shit as the golden bulb descended into the ocean… Couldn't ask for a better end to the day... Or better company.