April 03 2020 Friday at 02:31 PM

Dirt Road Diary - Blog Entry #2

Before departing from our day time location, we were given directions, accompanied by a map drawn in the sand with a stick… To which lead a short cut that would cut 45 minutes off our planned night time expedition. It's safe to say that one of two things happened; we either did not follow the directions, which is doubtful, or were given a course that sent on a deliberately difficult mission… A mission that slowly unfolded into a night that none of our little group's members will forget for quite some time.
Life is about choices. So when the tarmac road presented us with a choice to continue along its dark smooth surface, or to abandon it for what can only be described as a… 'Somewhat used goat trail, littered with hints of derelict asphalt'… It goes without say that we chose the latter, expecting to be off our seats with Bintings in hand before 10pm. After a while of making painstakingly slow progress, climbing higher into the darkness that preceded us, we gathered and decided to carry on forward, as "the path couldn't get any worse or darker"… The darker part was defiantly true. To cut a very long story short, the night presented us with quite a few speed-bumps. The list includes a couple of burnt out clutches, widowmaker-esque hills, a motorcycle accident in which a set of handlebars became separated from the bike, a side of the road friction plate transfer… And what would have to be the sketchiest 'up hill tow' I am bound to witness.
Separated by fate and fortune we eventually managed to find each other, swap stories and once more, be on our way. Together we made the decent portion of the 'short-cut' that wound though illegal gold mining villages and shadow casting forests. It was endless, everything looked the same and with no visual reference we could only follow the trail and hope. Minutes dragged into an hour and then multiples thereof before we finally hit tarmac again. Something none of us will ever take for granted again. After our fatigued cheers subsided we realized that Monty and Tyler Warren were not with us and after waiting a while and not having them catch up, we made a decision and pulled off without them… We were on course for the home stretch and unbeknownst to us they were back in the darkness and had found a small shelter to squat in for the night.
We arrived 7 hours later than we'd expected and without 2 members of our group, but at least we were all unharmed and ready to get wet when the sun rose. Eventually, some time around midday, we all awoke from our individual comatoses and convened over instant coffee… It was then that we witnessed the arrival of our missing two compadre's from their separate adventure. After a hearty breakfast, and a bunch of stories, a boat was called and before you could say 'short cut' we're about a little outrigger gliding across the bay on our way to a cliff surrounded scenic right hander. The swell had dropped since the day before, but the waves were fun, and I think that we all appreciated a little time in the water to wash off the road. The session lasted until the sun's light diminished and sent us back to land for more of that much deserved Bintang!