April 03 2020 Friday at 06:45 PM

Tokyo launch party - house of the rising fun

Nothing like a four hundred of your friends coming over for a drink to launch a building! After many months of painstaking preparation our newest flagship was ready to be pushed out to sea, the tables overflowed with delicacies from the kitchen of the lovely Mama Luli while the enigmatic Narukiyo weaved his culinary magic keeping the hungry hoards at bay with a special Harajuku variation on fish and chips. The free flowing Kirin kept lips wet while the queue lengthened down Cat street. The cram to the bar was 10 deep and the crowd spilled out into the back lane way where bikes competed for standing room. Inside a throng of international motorcycle and fashion doyens explored the three floors of the new Tokyo Deus home. There are many moving parts in the Residence - Thomas Bexton was busy mowing foam throughout the night down in the shaping room while a captivated crowd looked on. The LAND boys - Caleb and Ryan were also in town to exhibit their Friends of Death show and paint a wall or three. When the old bill rang the last drinks bell it was time for a bottle of Pol Roger to be hurled at the threshold and the Residence of Impermanence declared officially open. The crowd moved onto the after party in Aoyama where old friend Rockin Jelly Bean smashed eardrums with Jackie and Cedrics on stage. Welcome to the family and congratulations to our good friends at Jack of All Trades for working so hard to make it happen.