April 03 2020 Friday at 03:15 PM

Deus SX225 Street Tracker

Every now and again something emerges from our paddy field surrounded workshop…Something a bit different to the rest. Now as per usual…A lot of blood, sweat, tears and of course Bintang go into every bike that the Bengkel crafts…But there are certain projects that just come together in the final stretch of their stint in the shed.
This super clean, dirt ready, street tracker is one of such projects. As a full custom order, this Yamaha SX225 Street Tracker has literally been rebuilt from the ground up…The frame to the engine, and everything in-between has been modified, rebuilt or replaced to fulfill the specs laid out by our customer and friend Alex…What he wanted…He got. (Including the short wheel base…Seems he has a liking towards the wheelie.)
This SX225 spent quite some time in the rear of the Temple, coming out every now and again under the cover of darkness for test rides, tuning and tweaks. Its got the front end from a CB400, a CBR600 Master cylinder, brake and clutch leavers along with a custom made tank and seat. The boys made quick work of the stock mono suspension and converted it to a duel set-up of Daytona 36cm rear shocks. From the hand fabricated skid plates to the Aprilia 4 piston front brake caliper…Every detail has been addressed and now everything has come together…Leaving it looking ready to kick that back end out, leaving nothing but a dusty roost in it's wake. The Deus SX225 Street Tracker has a plethora of parts upon it's frame…Here's a quick run through:
  • Small chrome headlight
  • Ventura scrambler bars
  • CBR600 clutch and break levers
  • Daytona speedo
  • CB400 front shocks
  • Black Bullet blinkers
  • Custom made tank
  • Bridgestone front tire - TW/2003 130x80x18" - (Rim - 250)
  • Pirelli rear tire - Scorpion A/T 140x80x18" - (Rim - 350)
  • Custom hand made seat
  • LED tail light
  • Aprilia 4 piston front caliper
  • K&N racing air filter
  • 34cm Daytona rear shocks
  • Brass Deus tank badges
The list goes on far to long for this post, so if ya got a question, just leave a comment and we'll get back to you. Alex is coming by a little later to pick his new ride up…So if you're overtaken by this baby standing on one wheel…It wasn't your imagination!