April 03 2020 Friday at 09:15 PM

DEUS SLIDETOBERFEST 2019 – Surfing and Getting back to our roots

Once upon a time, the Deus Slidetoberfest was a day of mates gathering together to celebrate and high five each other after all the hard work everyone had put in to get the Deus Temple up and running all those years ago. Man, that seems like an eon ago. Over the intervening years, it’s morphed into more of a moto event but we never forgot our roots and today we went back to the water with a great offering of those original friends. We added a slathering of mates we have met since then and of course, there was a heap of people we just happened to meet today on the beach. The way we run the Deus Slidetoberfest Surf event is something of an oddity in itself. We bring the boards. You ride ours. You aren’t getting any comfort zone riding what you have been for the past days, weeks, months or years. We start with a dozen or so boards that have one key characteristic in common. They were all shaped at the Deus Temple. That’s it. The shapers all differ, the boards are poles apart and the way surfers get to choose them is the real humdinger, they draw straws. Shortest gets first pick and the others follow suit. Well, that was the idea but with the guys organising it putting themselves in the first two heats it dissolved pretty damn smartly into grab and get out there. There was a more serious note to begin with people pushing and jostling for position and the more performance models were in high rotation but as people relaxed and started to enjoy themselves you could see that there were more eclectic selections from the Deus quiver. It was great to see the event breakdown and people assume their more natural stance of having fun and high fiving. Party waves and even a couple of tandems which given the boards they were riding was unique in itself. The whole day was ace. Here for your ocular pleasure are some wonderful snaps of what we got up to. The winners will be announced on Sunday night at the Deus Temple Wrap up Party. But really, that wasn’t what today was about. See you tomorrow morning at the track!