April 03 2020 Friday at 09:15 PM

DEUS SLIDETOBERFEST 2019 - The Swank Rally

Bali may be becoming more and more built-up but fear not, there are still pockets of paradise peppered across the isle that make you take that sharp intake of air. You know, one of those ‘my gosh it’s gorgeous’ moments. There was a lot more people than just me that had one of those this morning when they pulled up, I’m telling you. We started the Deus 2019 SlidetoberFest off with an event that is definitely something of a crowd favourite. The Deus Swank Rally is a wonderful times trial over a course designed to test the technical riding skills of an individual. Racing a stop watch rather than another bloke at your elbow. Our Italian cousins came up with the brilliant idea and we… well, you know, we swiped it. We then gave it a damn good shake up and added our layer of magic dust making our own tropical version of it. What makes it different are the bikes. We have two divisions, Vintage and Open. The vintage are a bunch of our GL Pro’s and DT’s we’ve got laying about and the garage has been tinkering with for the past few weeks, Oh you there are always a few additions people turned up with. The Open is very much the level playing field and all run on four 2016 Honda 250 CRF Rally’s that we have customised. What makes it magic though is the location. And we came up with a doozy this time around. A peninsula sandwiched between two rivers as they hit the coast. It has a field of coconut palms, rock outcrops, black sand beach runs, dried tied rice fields and even a little cluster of houses where a group of people collect river stones and grade them in size before shipping them out to become garden features and bathroom floors. Oh, and those rivers, yeah you have to cross them, we made it so you’d have to do it much more than once. The spot is remote and therefore remains, for the most part, untouched. Being at the end of the dry season, the rivers are low and offer a lot more than usual to ride on. We had our ducks in a row and today we made it show. Enjoy these images and we hope they convey what an amazing day was had at the 2nd Deus Swank Rally in Bali. Winners of the Open Division
  1. Forrest Minchinton
  2. Todd Cram
  3. Nick Lapaglia
  4. Mattia Morri
Winners of the Vintage Division
  1. Deni Pirdaus
  2. Giang Alam Wardani
  3. Mattia Morri
  4. Dean Permana