April 03 2020 Friday at 07:02 PM

Deus Slidetober Fest 2015 - Surf

Weh heh helllll… another fantastic day has just gone down at a beach in Bali and this time we’ve celebrated its salt rather than its sand. The surf component of this terrific event, which is the 5th Annual Deus Slidetober Fest, has now completed another year of gliding and lip bashing.

Once again our team made available the multitude of sleds that are a result of the Temple Of Enthusiasm’s shaper in residency program. Boards from the likes of Rich Pavel, Bob Mctavish, Thomas Bexon, our Japanese lord Tappy and even a few shaped by family members Harrison Roach, Zye Norris and Forrest Minchinton were ripped along the walls of the Pererenan river mouth right- like never before. Competitors vied for first choice of boards by pulling a number out of a helmet but by the final the event turned into a sort of free for all where it wasn’t about what they rode, it was about how many they rode. Girls and guys alike hooted and cheered as two Australians, one American and a surf sensei from Japan high lined and head dipped their way to the end of their play. The finalists stroked into waves on upwards of twelve boards during the last thirty minutes. Spectators more accustomed to watching conventional surf events took a moment to figure out what was happening but it wasn’t long before the ethos of the Slidetober surf component was drilled deep to understanding.

Travellers were somewhat awed by the standard and style of surfing that went down but it was the Canggu Surf Community that surprised most as they knocked many of the major seeds. And… did we mention that the event was ran in the kind of pumping surf that Indonesia is so well known for? Yeu! Once again we have to thank our lucky stars for being able to throw such fun fuelled days in this wonderful beach side town that is Canggu.

As we all lay the aloe on the sunburn we think of nothing but how terribly long we’ll have to wait to do it all again next year.