April 03 2020 Friday at 07:15 PM

Deus Slidetober Fest 2015 - The Moto-X

The heat came in early and stayed for the duration. The Deus Café and Bar were kept busy lubricating the crowd of riders and spectators whose bodies splayed about under the tents complete with their trackside view.

There was so many at the beach side track at Tibah today there ended up being a bunch we howdyed but never shook.

By far the best takeaway from the day was watching Forrest Minchinton and Kevin Morel on the 250’s taking so much air it’s surprising neither got a nose bleed. They did a couple of laps egging each other on and a shoulder bump coming round one of the last corners left them both agape as to why neither end up having a spill.

Through a field of 44 we whittled it down to a final 11, oops we’ve got 12. No matter they ran anyway and after a tight start with people at less than elbows length they gave us much more than our money’s worth.

We were once again stocked to host the Bali Vintage Offroad Club. They rode on down and totally owned the audience for a couple of exhibition heats, the getting off on the ring-a-ding-ding and the two stroke fumes.

The riding wasn’t the only thing firing at the beach today. The ringmaster’s microphone went through a few hands who amused and confused, possibly in equal amounts. The Duke of Deus was shooting his mouth off so much he must have eaten bullets for breakfast. Charlie Boorman was no slouch with that mic in his hand, speaking ten words a second, with gusts right up to fifty, the pair went neck to neck with words and beers, sewing the sea breeze with pearls of mirth and merriment. We laughed so much they left us with bellyaches that were way harder than the doubles people had to clear.

And as quickly as it started the Deus Slidetober Moto X was over. Almost anti climactic in it’s swiftness. The day’s affairs were put in order and the bikes all run their course. There were no frowns to be found but if the truth be told, most of us didn’t want it to end.