April 03 2020 Friday at 12:31 PM

Deus KLX 150

Ask us why we haven’t used the Kawasaki KLX up until now for one of our projects and we’ve got no good answer for you. It has always been there lying in wait, overlooked and perhaps a little underappreciated by our guys in the bengkel. But it was inevitable that it’s time would come. After a trip to Mount Bromo the idea for an off-road bike that could take on serious distances and terrain was at the front of our minds, and the chequered flag was waved for the versatile KLX to get its spot in the limelight at the Temple.

We hadn’t worked on a bike with a modern double-barreled frame before, so the biggest challenge was deciding on a design for the fuel tank. Everyone chipped in, and its custom aluminum tank is probably the biggest tank we’ve ever made. Its 150cc engine was bored out rating it now at 180cc, race clutch added, new carby and CDI! The front shocks were extended to get an increased action on the suspension. We also added a longer swing arm and a stiffer rear mono shock. As for the wheels, we went for 18 inches at the front and 21 inches for the rear. A tail pipe Dustin brought back from Japan a few years back finally found its home, and we slapped on some Daytona scrambler bars for good measure. To finish off, it was fitted out with its own customized fenders, racks, and plates. And so our little version the Dakar Noir was born.

Now it was time to put our new creation to the test, and family member Bryce Young was the man for the job. We let him loose on Lombok, taking it up mountains and some fun terrain on his search for waves. No problems there. The bike was tough, so we decided to give it an even harder time. We threw it in the mix for the Slidetober motorcross race, last week it proved itself at its first 100km enduro race, and it’s up for another enduro race this weekend.

So why didn’t we build this bike sooner? Well sometimes the best things are right under your nose, but it takes a while for you to notice them…