April 03 2020 Friday at 04:45 PM

Deus Campur Short Film Festival 2010

Alright everybody we have been planning to host a short film festival for quite some time now, so without further a due we present the Deus Campur Short Film Festival 2010.
We are looking for ‘Movie Makers’ to bust out the camera, dust off the clapper boards, ring a couple of mates and produce a 3-5 minute film. We aren’t overly fussy about what type of movie; actually we would prefer it that you come back with something that really surprises us! There is one prerequisite though, every submission must include five items from our secret list of “Compulsory Components”.
To keep things on an equal footing the list of the components will not be made available until Monday October 25th . The list will be published on our website.
Preregistered ‘Movie Makers’ will receive an email at 7am on the 25th. You can register at www.deus.co.id/campur by adding your email or at The Deus Temple of Enthusiasm in Canggu Bali. Each entry costs RP200,000. There is no limit to the number of entries an individual or group can make.
Bear in mind that while you can’t start the cameras rolling until the list becomes available there is a lot of preliminary work that can be done between now and then. Firstly you need to pull together your team. Select your actors, directors, camera operators and if you need one, even a best boy or Gaff. Get those roles and responsibilities designated before we hit our go button. There is no reason why you can’t even start putting together rough scripts and story boards. We don’t want you to waste valuable shooting & editing time doing these chores that can be done now. What we want is to get to see the best of your film making abilities.
The top 10 movies will include at least 3 submissions from our younger (under 16) ‘Movie Makers’.
All top ten finalists have to attend the screen event otherwise they will be bumped out of the running and the next best submission will be moved up into that all important Top 10. All top ten ‘Movie Makers’ will be informed of their inclusion on Friday December 3rd to give you enough time to get the board shorts pressed, the T-shirt ironed and an acceptance speak written out on the back of the obligatory napkin of course.
This is not a genre specific festival. Your submission may take the form of arthouse, comedy, horror, action, animation or even a documentary. Remember you just have to include 5 items off of the “Compulsory Components” list in some way, shape or form. So it can be either included visually or spoken, eg included into your script. This is another of those areas where we want you to be very be clever as there is an award just for this category. All movies have to be have been shot (made) in Indonesia, although additional footage can be included as long as this footage doesn’t represent more than 10% of the total running time.
So set your mind to create mode, grab some sort of filming apparatus and make something for the big screen!