April 03 2020 Friday at 07:00 PM


1st Place - Josh Deardorff Josh rode his $350 1982 Honda CX500 one thousand miles down to Venice from Portland, Oregon. The completed bike is a mixture of 9 different bikes found at his local salvage yard and used parts from eBay and fabricated from scratch, or adapted to function where they originally were not meant to belong. The rear section is completely custom fabricated and the front and rear suspension are off a CBR600rr. Josh had previous experience working with metal, but this is his first motorcycle build so everything was a learning process. Josh documented the build progress on his Instagram (@josh_aft) and under the tag #thisiswhathappenswhenyoubuyamotorcyclefor350dollars 2nd Place - Craig Marleau Craig found this 1961 Ducati Diana 250 sitting next to a barn in Northern California and decided to turn it into a scrambler with modern suspension to be able to handle the dirt roads and trails out on the ranch. Craig drove down from Redding CA with a ram in the back of the truck 3rd Place - Haven Jarel A few months ago, Haven rolled into Deus on his 1970 Honda CL70 to join us for Sunday Mass and when he took off his helmet, we said “What the heck?! This is a kid!” His enthusiasm was contagious and it turned out he had built his bike into a cafe racer himself at 13 years old! Needless to say, we invited him to the Deus Bike Build Off and since that first time we saw him, he has stripped the bike completely down and added a shiny new paint-job and finishing touches to make his CL70 complete. Peoples Choice - Bryan Wood Woody built a Japanese Bosozoku style Honda CB400 Hawk scrounging together items that had ne'er been ever applied to a motorcycle in the history of mankind. Like the clear windshield made from a clear food-tray cover and the musical LED taillight. The ‘We Can’t Give You An Award’ Award - Nick O’Kane There were a handful of bikes at the Venice Build Off that didn’t exactly follow the ‘Most With the Least’ rule, which were more or less disqualified because of it. So Woolie made up his own award and gave a shout to Nick and his Suzuki tl1000r, which when someone jokingly suggested "Do a burnout!", he proceeded to lay down a nice patch of burning rubber onto the tarmac. These bikes (except for Nick's Suzuki) will be going into contention for the Global People's Choice voting on bikebuildoff.com...Stay tuned for the top builds from Sydney, Tokyo, Milan, and Bali!