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Congratulation to all the winners! Let us introduce each spirited bike and builders. 1st Place- Yotaro Shimoyama Base bike: Honda American DAX 1979 1st place of Tokyo’s inaugural BBO was awarded to Yotaro Shimoyama. He and older brother Rintaro, the Shimoyama brothers, entered the build-off with a bike each. The “Shimo-Bros” love customizing bikes and refer to themselves as “urban amateur builders.” Despite their passion for customizing, they have no garage. Instead they build in their apartment living room on the 5th floor residing with their parents! This little Dax is a tight fit in the elevator…upright. Yotaro prefers using odd spare parts he can find laying around rather than spending money on them. Because they don’t have a welder they file parts to connect and make fit. An appropriate candidate for “making the most with the least.” He has been customizing his Honda American DAX for 5 years now and it keeps ever changing. Stay tuned for what his bike will look like next time you see him! 2nd Place- Kei Tashiro Base bike: Harley Davidson 1996 XL1200S 2nd place was awarded to Kei Tashiro who is a true “backyard builder.” He customized his Harley Davidson for 4 years in his backyard and living room. Knowing it would be difficult to notice or understand how much customization went into his build he created an 8-page sketchbook of his work in progress. His enthusiastic presentation with book on display including well-documented process of hand-made sand molded parts and joints, Kei left a lasting impression with the judges. Mr. Kurosu acclaimed builder from Cherry’s Company and renowned for his custom Harley builds, handed Kei his award. Both were all smiles for their favorite Harley. 3rd Place- Reio Ono Base bike: Honda Supercub C70 3rd place was awarded to the very dapper Reio Ono, for his clever custom conversion of a classic Honda Super Cub into a streamlined trial bike. With trial riding his hobby, Ono spent a week customizing an old Super Cub with off-road Honda parts he had in his company’s garage. He says the lighter Cub rides better than his usual trial bike and has become his go-to ride. People’s Choice- Toshiyuki Kinoshita (Sonic Crafty) Base bike: Honda Spacy 50 The futuristically modified profile of the classic 1982 Honda Spacy by Toshiyuki Kinoshita had the audience instantly delighted. An actual handheld Nintendo Game Watch, also from the 80’s, was transformed into a speedometer and turn signal controls and fitted into the instrument panel. Nostalgic memories of the gadget everyone owned in their childhood had the crowd thoroughly entertained. This bike was hands down the people’s favorite. Local Award- Eizo Takahara Base bike: Honda P25 This was a special award produced by Deus Japan in collaboration with Mr. Riku Emoto, a renowned bike racer and surfer, born and raised in Kamakura. He is a respected local to the area of the BBO living the Deus ‘lifestyle’ for decades. The bike he chose was a 1960s moped, built by Eizo Takahara. The distinctive modification were the gas tank, bicycle saddle and adjusted handlebars. Riku felt the retro customization was very fitting to the Shichiri-ga-hama atmosphere. Metzler Award- Sohei Suzuki Base bike: Kawasaki W650 2005 Pirelli/Metzler Japan wanted award their favorite Metzler wearing machine. The award went out to Sohei Suzuki from M&M bike shop received this award. Don’t miss the Global People’s Voting on deuscustoms.com! The 1st, 2nd, 3rd and People’s choice winners are finalists from Japan. Make sure to check out the other 1st 2nd 3rd and People’s Choice winners from Sydney, Venice Beach, Milano, and Bali as well. Go Japan! 1位 下山海太郎 YOTARO SHIMOYAMA ベース車両:Honda American DAX 1979 日本初開催で見事栄冠を勝ち取ったのは、兄弟でエントリーをしてくれた下山 林太郎・海太郎 Shimobros の弟。2人ともカスタムバイクが大好きで、なんと彼らは 自宅マンションの5階で日々、 バイクいじりをしている自称、都会派素人ビルダー。実際バイクを担いでエレベーターに乗っている 写真も見せてくれ、自分の好みの物を集めてはパーツとして使用したカスタムバイクは、 ”お金を掛ず、何にもとらわれず、己の工夫と果てることの無いバイクへの熱い情熱で作りあげる“ まさにこの大会のテーマを表現しているバイク愛、兄弟愛に溢れた1台 車両のカスタム期間は5年前〜現在まで常に変化を続けているのだという。 次に合うときは、どのような変化を遂げているか楽しみな兄弟。 2位 田代 桂 KEI TASHIRO ベース車両:HARLEY DAVIDSON 1996 XL1200S 自宅の裏庭やリビングで約4年ほどかけカスタムしたというこのHDは一見、 カスタムポイントが伝わりにくいという車両に彼は、改造ポイントを自ら描いた漫画で解説した 8ページのスケッチブックを持参。彼のプレゼンテーションの高さに審査員の誰もが惹き付けられた。 2位のトロフィー授与はCherry’s Company の黒須嘉一朗氏、同じHD ビルダー同士 両者ともにとびきりの笑顔だった。 3位 小野令夫 REIO ONO ベース車両:HONDA SUPERCUB C70(通称:行灯カブ)エンジンはHONDA CD90 空間デザイナーという職業柄、会場でひと際目立っていた小野さんはもちろん、 今回エントリーしたSUPER CUBもダントツにお洒落であった。 自分自信が楽しむ為に会社のガラージで1週間程で仕上げたという クラシックなスーパーカブの雰囲気や機能性を残しつつ、フォルムカラーリングともに 美しく完成されたトライアルカブ People’s Choice賞 木下敏之 TOSHIYUKI KINOSHITA –SONIC CRAFTY ベース車両:HONDA SPACY 50 来場者の投票で選ばれるPeople’s Choiceを受賞したのは、 1982年にホンダから発売されたSpacy 50スクーターだ。なんだ、このルックスは! まるで宙に浮いているかと思わせる絶妙な車体の低さ、インパネ部分には任天堂 ゲーム ウォッチ(実際に遊べる)が埋め込まれ、この第一印象のインパクトは老若男女問わずの票を掴んだのだ。 七里ケ浜ローカル賞 高原栄三 ベース車両:HONDA P25 鎌倉で生まれ育ち、サーフィンとバイクをこよなく愛する江本陸さんが選ぶ七里ケ浜ローカル賞 陸さんは、目をキラキラさせながら彼の直感で選んだ車両は1960年代制のモペット。 ポイントは後ろにつけたガスタンク ペダル付きバイクという事でサドルを自転車用にしたり、ハンドルバーと、シート同じ高さにし、 レトロな雰囲気の中にもモダンさが。イベント会場の七里ケ浜のロケーションともよくあっていた。 METZELER メッツラー賞 鈴木聡平SOHEI SUZUKI メッツラー社のタイヤを使用している方が対象の賞 M&Mでフルカスタム2005年式 KAWASAKI W650 シドニー、ヴェニス、ミラノ、バリ、東京、各国の1-3位、People’s Choice の上位4台が ファイナルコンテストへ進出。日本のこの4台が今後、何位になるのか それらの様子は公式サイトbikebuildoff.com でチェックして下さい!