April 03 2020 Friday at 07:00 PM

Deus Bike Build Off - Bali

The sun was playing chase with the clouds over Bali that first Sunday in May. A day on many a motorcyclists calendar. The start of the mad month of Motorcyclery. The day the Deus Bike Build Off 2015 happened in five locations worldwide.

Custom bikes began filtering in early through the long shadows and it wasn’t long after the sun had began it’s climb that the parking lot burst and people were pouring out along the street we front. You see builders in Bali never come alone. They have extended families and more than a few friends. People flowed forth not only from Canggu. But from Denpasar, Karangasem, and even Ubud and beyond.

Forty bikes were registered from Bali and Java. Every one of them shouting out to be taken serious. To show its take on the competitions five golden rules. Hand wrought and wrenched. Metal beaten and bent these fine looking two wheeled chariots are the amazing output of some fiercely proud, and incredibly talented, artisans and craftspeople. The Indonesians have been fashioning something from nothing for thousands of years. Today we got to see how they applied that ideology to motorcycles. The sun rose and with it the heat came. The backyard was covered in tents to stop us dropping like flies from the heat and allowed the judges space and time to give to each and every entry as they warranted.

The judges weren’t slouches either; we had a gentleman known simply as Lulut. He is the owner of an event called Retro Classic Style Jogjakarta and one of the founders of Kustomfest in Indonesia, and if we needed to give his judging credentials a polish, he was invited to judge at the 21st Annual Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2012.

To temper all those credentials we had to import the riders view. So will did it a little literally with Nathan Barker, an Australian who came to Indonesia to compete in the strong Enduro scene here back some years ago. He met his beautiful wife here and now calls Bali home. He wrenches daily and forgotten more than most know about the Indonesian bike scene.

Our last judge but most definitely not least, was our good friend Nicko Eigert. He’s the proprietor of Smoked Customs, and with plenty of our thanks and admiration, our partner in putting on the Bali leg of the Deus Bike Build Off.

To soak up some of the time the judges needed to go from bike to bike dissecting each to get to the cream of the crop we thought we had to provide a few distractions. The excuse was for the crowd but rest assured they were just as much for us. Inside our photographic studio, after the bikes had done their procession through, we had two tattoo artists buzzing away all day. Big shout goes out to Sailor Jerry's Rum who supported this for us. Thanks guys.

Inside the Gallery things were quite abuzz as well. Some young Balinese artists we’d invited in were making art across a whole lot of items we like to play with. Sure there were the helmets and tanks. But a couple of them did some skateboard decks and even a canvas or two. Pretty rad. The whole morning drifted into more of a market feel with pockets of activities here and there. Dorsey’s was open and hair was being cut. People lunched and lounged. They mingled, chatted, laughed and poured away more than one Bintang as we moved towards one helluva fine Sunday arvo.

After the judging and the winners were announcement. Didn’t we tell you we are keeping that until tomorrow. A whole separate blog post for them masters of machines. Anyway we cleared off the back deck and feet started tapping when DJ Chris started to ramp it up. For our acoustic opener we were stoked to have Dadang before moving on to the main attraction. Deus great mates and Bali’s, if not Indonesia’s favourite band; that is if winning the Indonesian leg of the “Hard Rock Rising Competition” just recently and off to Europe soon to represent Indonesia at this world wide ‘battle of the bands’ holds any weight. Their The Hydrant, and they’re an Indonesian Rockabilly band. That may sound a little wrong but let us assure you is so right on a dozen different levels. Most importantly they get ya feet tapping and those booties gyrating. A long day wound down the right way.

Don’t forget to come back for the winners blog and picture soon real…