April 03 2020 Friday at 08:46 PM

Deus Christmas Collaboration Art Show

If you rocked up to the Deus Gallery in Canggu Bali last Friday night you could well have been mistaken that you had walked into a private party. Such is the crowd that comes to the yearly Deus Christmas Collaboration Art Show. It's a time for all of our friends and family in Bali to come together and have a laugh. People we see daily and those a lot more rarely all make an effort to get there and have a chinwag before we close the door on yet another year. And then there are all the new friends that turn up and make the whole night worth it. Let's not lose sight of the reason why we're here though. Art, in many of its forms, adorned the walls of the Deus Gallery. There were photographs from three lens masters, Harry Mark not only had a selection of beautiful prints, he'd also printed one of his beautiful images on a large silk panel that wafted in the people charged breeze of the gallery. Another of his mesmerizing silks was laminated onto the deck of an amazing Forrest Minchton shaped surfboard. Tom Hawkins put up his amazing prints showing why he's so well known for his diversity of subject matter not to mention his humour and Anthony Dodds had a series of works that spanned these last years of his upon the Indonesian Archipelago. No small wonder why his portraits are so renown. Super stylish Satria Nugraha, the undisputed king of Bali collage, once again waxed lyrically with his whimsical outtakes on humans, form, and function. His work is becoming more and more refined and he is one to snap up now or in the not too distant future. Our favourite dogmatic Belgian, Andy Wauman, had on display a trove of his own dead sea scrolls. The runes inscribed etchings are demure and meant to lure. To where and when we are not quite sure. Leaving the viewer with more questions than answers, his art is a story untold or foretold, and sometimes both. Fresh from the back office, affectionately known as the Deus Dungeon, was our own Iqbal Najib. He’s the guy behind all the posters you see in Indonesia with the Deus brand on them. A sensitive guy who one normally sees wielding a tablet and stylus, he put together a few of his more optimistic illustrative visual interferences of life before, interwoven with what life looks like now for our viewing pleasure. His imagery definitely struck a chord with most of the works being snapped up on the night. Rounding out the lot is our own cantankerous eccentric, Ano Mac. He’d been threatening to put something on a wall for forever and finally fronted with some home truths, pithy sayings and a couple of his fine feathered friends. Our Chrissy Art Show is a great place to grab a last-minute treat. An affordable art show is a great way to pass on your Christmas cheer not to mention help pay for the artist's beer tabs they’ve run up over the previous year. The Deus Christmas Collaboration Art Show will run from 21 December 2018 until 27 January 2019 in the Deus Gallery. Deus Temple of Enthusiasm. Jalan Batu Mejan No.8 Canggu Bali Indonesia