April 03 2020 Friday at 06:30 PM

Deus 9ft and Single Log Fest 2014

One of the best excuses for a logger to pack nine foot plus of fibreglass and head to the Indonesian isle of Bali in many a year would have to be our little shindig, The 4th Annual “Deus 9’ & Single Log Fest”. Block out that last weekend in May and be sure to book ya tickets now. Places are limited with only so many spots for our mates from off shore to fly in and rub shoulders with our local crew. Once again it’s set to be a wicked weekend chock-a-block full of water related fun wrapped in banana leaves and served up on a bed of good vibes from Thursday morn through to Sunday very late.

We’ve added a day to allow the loggers first bite at the waves both Saturday and Sunday early before Poseidon puffs out his cheeks and begins to blow. Take to the training now to have the stamina to last. There are bits for every day that will be beckoning to take your breath away. Don’t fall behind , Thursday is the Bali Fish Fry and a plethora of polyester on show and to test drive. Shapers on hand to chit chat and discuss why’s and wherefores but most of all a campur of surfers running amuck in the waves.

Last years Womp Comp became the highlight of the entire weekend for some Bright and early Friday AM is when we’ve once again booked out the Sand Bar in Canggu for displays of body surfing by the torpedo people amongst us. Saturday and Sunday we’re holding the main event. 9’ & Single Log Fest time for those magnificent men (and women) on their wave riding machines. It’s a dead set bet that we’re gonna set Canggu on fire.

Nights are similarly bustling with things to do. The Shapers Forum, An Art Opening and a Movie night. Sunday of course is the weekend’s pressure release valve and if past years are any indication, a party of epic proportions is destined to ensue. We’ve got a wickedly wonderful weekend long event set to wrestle and wring everyone out. So if you spend most ya time on the nose and you moonwalk the waxed dance floor like Michael Jackson then you should definitely be heading to our corner of the world. If you missed it first time round it’s called the Fourth Annual “Deus 9’ & Single Log Fest”.

For more information please email us at 9ftandsingle@id.deuscustoms.com