April 03 2020 Friday at 06:45 PM

Deus 690 Goes To Barber

There's a special place in Alabama that rests peacefully on the outskirts of Birmingham. A quiet place beautifully set with manicured lawns and knolls and ponds and sand traps. No, not a golf course. We're talking about The Barber Motorsports Park! And every October the legendary racetrack is anything but calm and peaceful, with motorcycles of days past and present screaming around the circuit and racers coming from every corner of the nation to fight for final point standings in the AHRMA series at the Barber Vintage Festival. A handful of the Deus Family racers from Southern California and New York were there in full leathers to lay down some fast laps in classes ranging from 'Sound Of Thunder' down to the lightweight CB160 class. And we were lucky enough to have KTM Factory Racer Chris Fillmore race our new project with KTM, the Deus 690. Rewind six months: Chris Fillmore had come out to help shake-down the brand new limited production kit custom Deus KTM 690 Duke built at the Deus Emoproium by Michael Woolaway. After some curvy road riding with Woolie, the idea sprang up that the Duke was great on the street but would also make a great race bike. The wheels were set in motion for the bike to be prepped by the HMC KTM Factory Racing Team with a few tweeks to the suspension and losing unnecessary street-wear and ABS brakes to race in 'Sound of Singles.' The performance upgrades on the Deus KTM made a big difference for Chris's front-of-the-pack riding style but unfortunately the clutch adjustment screw rattled out, oiling the tire. Things didn't fare well on the next corner as the banana-peel effect took him and the Deus 690 cleanly out of contention, but left an opening for our local buddy Brian Hertzfelt to win the race and take home the 'Sound Of Singles' top honors for the season. Congrats Brian! And a shout out the rest of the family Larry, Brady, Stacie, and Heath for a solid AHRMA season, and special thanks to Chris Fillmore and the KTM/HMC Racing Team for all they've done to take the Deus 690 to the next level! For inquiries about the Deus 690 kit, please email Michael Woolaway at bikes@us.deuscustoms.com