April 03 2020 Friday at 03:01 PM

Demons, Bagus and a Puppet Show

Last night was quite an interesting affair here at the Temple. Friend and artist Antonio Muñoz' opened his first solo art show south of the equator and had a little treat for everyone in attendance.
With art adorning white walls, the crowd rolled in, gazing upon the pieces one by one. Each taking their time and standing back to get some perspective on what they were looking at. Its hard to describe a specific genre for the creative compilations that he has conceived. It definitely some thing you have to be 3 feet from notice the individual elements that make up the whole.
After meeting and greeting the viewers, Antonio retired to our back yard to get ready for what would be quite the performance. He mentioned earlier that he had been studying the art of "Wayang Kulit' or Balinese shadow puppetry during his time in Bali, and that he would be performing a story on the night of his opening. However this was no traditional puppet show.
Using what he had learned over the past year, and combining it with his skill in projected photo manipulation...He created and performed one of the most funny and interesting 40 minutes I have ever seen.
Staring wide eyed at the screen, kids and adults alike listened as Antonio conducted the tale of his original love story, with twists and turns, laughter and tears...accompanied in perfect sync by 3 man band, 'The Ugly Ensemble.'
It was definitely a night not to have missed...But if you did, Antonio has spoken words of another performance based on viewer demand. So if you missed out, or didn't get enough the first time...Let us know and we shall pass on the kind words to Mr. Muñoz himself!