April 03 2020 Friday at 05:01 PM


DELAMINATED was the moniker we gave our vintage skate swap meet. Tongue-in-cheek as usual, like most of our naming goes. For those who don’t know, delamination is the separation of the pressed layers of plywood that are sandwiched together to create a skateboard. Not a good thing. Figuratively, you could do the mental gymnastics to arrive at the idea of delamination as a deconstruction of sorts, and apply this idea to skateboarding, its history and a swap meet revolving around it all and have it make sense. And it does. But this may have been one of the rare cases where our tongue in cheek naming conventions led us astray, because DELAMINATED was entirely too awesome to have any unfortunate skateboarding phenomena associated with it. This was a history lesson—a look back at nearly seven decades of skateboarding taught by some of the people responsible for the history itself. There were documented cases of mouths agape as folks made their way around the Emporium taking it all in. The standout of the day was LA’s Scavenger Brand, who displayed their impeccable collection of 50’s and 60’s era sidewalk surfers in conjunction with their Surf to Skate book launch. They had well over 100 pristine examples of early skateboards to marvel over. Ray Flores of Dogtown fame held court in the parking lot with his special edition set of Deus boards made just for our event, while collectors Jeff Lopez and Dale Smith showed off their treasure troves of skateboards and skate memorabilia. There current era was not to be ignored, however, with prime examples of modern skateboards and skate inspired artwork all around the property. On the culinary side, Giles and Laura Donovan of the Venice Merchant launched their farm-to-doorstep direct delivery service with a little pizza party on the patio. Mozzarella deliciousness wafted through the air as the Venice Merchants baked up their little pies in a mobile, wood-burning oven. And who doesn’t love the smell of pizza? Murmurs around The Emporium were heard calling this the best event we’ve had so far. Funny thing is that we hear this over and over as we throw our first-Saturday swap meet-type events at Deus Venice. Not that we’re trying to toot our own horn here or anything. Or maybe we are. And maybe DELAMINATED wasn’t such a bad name after all. Maybe.