April 03 2020 Friday at 04:31 PM

Dear Andy

Dear Andy,
I am walking around today in a somber daze except for the frequent cold chills that run up my spine when I realize that you are really not alive anymore. I am sad. I am mad...
I remember my first trip to Europe. It was the year you won your first world title and you were in top form. I was just making my way onto the surf photography scene. It was the first time we met. You took the time to go shoot with me between the France and Spain contests. As a result those action and portrait images got the mag to send me on more trips.
I remember the next year when we did our first boat trip together. You were confident, strong and happy. I remember walking up the beach at Rifles trying to find a spot to shoot from. As I was walking I saw you dropping in back side into a double overhead low tide dry reef wave. The thing was already a top to bottom barrel when you dropped in. You didn't pull in but instead you went straight up and blew fins out the back and then air dropped back to the bottom of the wave. You proceeded to get barreled and come out before the wave closed out on dry reef. Until that point I had never seen high performance surfing like that on waves of consequence.
I remember when we did the Heli shoot here in Bali and you came down with Typhoid. You powered through and within two days were back in the water for the shoot. We got four covers from that day. We did that boat trip later on in the year and you brought the same board from the heli shoot and gave it to me in appreciation. I remember that. I remember going on trips with Dane and Jordy when they were kids and listening to them talk about you and knowing with out a doubt you were the biggest influence on their surfing. I remember that.
I am sad that you are gone. I am sad I didn't see you more in the last year or so. I am sad for Bruce, Lydie and your unborn son. I am mad that your son will never meet you. He should not have to go through life only hearing what a legend his father was. He should get to experience that. He should have got the chance to surf Tunnels with you. There has been only one thing that has comforted me today - I am glad that you married Lyndi. She will love your son with all of her heart and will make a great mother. And I am glad that your son will have an uncle like Bruce that will watch over him and do all the things with him that you wont be able to.
I will miss you Andy. We all will. Rest in Peace.
Your friend,