April 03 2020 Friday at 04:16 PM

Dave's 5'5 Butt Plug

Since our doors opened we have found that this little Temple seems to inspire creativity in almost everyone. Take good friend Dave for instance, he has always wanted to shape his own board to ride, but never had the time or space to get things going. So it's safe to say when the Deus shaping bay opened its doors, he was one of the first bodies to inhabit its space.Apart from cutting his original blank a foot shorter than he wanted, the next attempt turned out rather well. He is a carpenter by trade, so is used to crafting objects with his skilled hands. He says that he was inspired by design of the 'Mini Simmons' and dubs his masterpiece the 'Butt Plug" With the guidance of the 'Smokin' Skull', Dave went from shaping the blank to resin tinting and glassing it….eventually running it down to the beach to catch some glassy left handers. Well done Dave! Long live the Butt Plug!