April 03 2020 Friday at 04:31 PM

D.Hump up to his old tricks

Some interesting characters have been passing through Deus Canngu lately. From surfing greats to jet setting rockstars, they have all kicked back with a Bintang or two. Of course in true fashion, D.Hump has been pulling them into The Deus Studio (his studio) and shooting some of that great portraiture that he is so well known for. Lets take a looky and see who we gots here... From top to bottom we have: From Australian rock band 'The Vines', Bassist Brad Heald and Drummer Hamish Rosser. Model/Singer/Dancer - Aleksi Two time WCT champion and pipeline master - Tom Carroll Rennisance man and bad boy surfer - Brad Gerlach Band photographer and all around dude - Diego Rhythm Guitarist for Wolfmother - Aidan Nemeth Stylest / DJ / Hip Hop Vocalist - Ozlem Esen Front man and lead guitarist of rock band Wolfmother - Andrew Stockdale